Ten Pins {Week 1}

Tell me what on earth Moms did before smart phones? I wouldn’t know the words to Hush Little Baby and I’d be bored out of my mind during that 3AM nursing session. I now spend countless hours on my phone mostly watching cheesy crime dramas on Netflix and scrolling through Pinterest.

Speaking of Netflix – I’m on my 4th round of watching Bones and I’m almost out of cheesy crime dramas to watch. Any recommendations?

Back to Pinterest – so many things I pin to bookmark for later and rarely do I get back to reading them. But every so often I find a pin so intriguing that I read it right and then repin it. So I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite pins each week to share with you guys. Keep in mind most of these are found at 3AM so I take no responsibility for the nature of them… ;)

1. How to Schedule your Pins on Pinterest: As a virtual assistant, this will come in really handy for clients!

pinterest faves

2. 20 Ways to Cut your Grocery Bill in Half: This is a great list of tips that actually work and make sense. Can’t wait to try some of them out!

favorite pins

3. How to Pack a Suitcase like a Pro: I don’t think I will be traveling much soon but when I do I want to keep packing to a minimum now that we have a baby in tow!

how to pack like a pro - my ten favorite pins this week

4. Back to Blog School Series : This series is awesome already and Kelsey of Poofy Cheeks is right on target with her topics. Definitely check it out.

top ten pins

5. Chalkboard Paint your Fridge: I have a brand new stainless fridge and I still want to paint it with chalkboard paint. So fun!

fave pins roundup

6. It’s Sherbert Day: because it was 3AM and why not?

fave pinterest pins

7. Free Printable Blog Planner Pages: With my new lack of schedule I really need to plan out my blogging time. These will come in handy!

favorite pins

8. Broccoli Quinoa Casserole: I’ve been wanting to try quinoa and this looks like a great gateway meal to get me and my husband both hooked!

favorite pins

9. 10 Tips for Better Meal Planning: Meal planning is a big part of our house running smoothly so anything that makes it better makes our lives easier!

favorite pins

10. Dear Mom Who Feels Like a Terrible Mother: again – 3AM, crying baby, terrible mom. This came exactly when I needed it.

pin round up

Did you have any favorite pins this week? Follow along on Pinterest to see all the pins I read and don’t read. :)


  1. Hi Skye! Thank you for the shout out on the chalkboard fridge! I am always available if you have any questions! :) LOVE your other pins! I have been pinning a lot about watercolor since I’ve been in the mood for painting :)


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