Ten Pins {Week 2}

Ten Pins is a series I started to share all the really good pins I read (like, actually read and not just pin for later) each week! Share your favorite pins in the comments! :) Check out all of them here!

Round up of this week's best pins!

1. Family Dinner Questions: I love this idea! Especially when Chris was on paternity leave and we were sitting together all day, every day. We had no new news to share with each other and not a lot to talk about at the dinner table. I wish I had known about these then!

Ten Pins - Family Dinner Questions

2. Grilled Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad: We used to have a Fazoli’s in my hometown and my favorite dinner on their menu was the Chicken Pasta Caesar Salad. This is so similar to it – I’m going to have to give it a try!

Ten Pins - Grilled Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

3. DIY Microwave Heating Bag: I started having serious back pain when Jett was about six weeks old. I couldn’t figure out what was going on and I finally called my doctor who said it was both a normal reaction to the spinal block I got for my c-section and all the crazy positions I had to put my back in to nurse. I really need to make some of these to have around for when my back acts up again!

Ten Pins - DIY Microwaveable Heating Bag

4. 10 DIY Organizing Solutions for your Home: Having an organized home has saved my sanity more often than not. Sometimes I can get a little (okay – a LOT) obsessive about where things go and how they are put away but seriously having a system has helped when other people were here to help us out after Jett was born. These 10 solutions are seriously awesome!

Ten Pins - 10 DIY Organizing Solutions for your Home

5. Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cups: Okay I have to admit – I read this recipe and made these within 24 hours of doing so. And y’all. If you are a banana fan go make these like now. They are super easy and quick and so moist and yummy! They go perfect with my coffee in the morning!

Ten Pins - Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cups

6. Housewarming Gift in a Jar: One of the things I love about Pinterest is its ability to spark my imagination. This gift in a jar is a brilliant idea but it got my gears turning on how many other gifts I could stick in a jar! Come Christmas, get ready family. Your gift is arriving in a jar. ;)

Ten Pins - Housewarming Gift in a Jar

7. DIY Meyer’s Liquid Hand Soap: I love Meyer’s products. They all smell SOOO GOOD. So I had to do a little research to find this post (the pin was a bad one) but I will definitely be trying this out!

Ten Pins - Meyers Liquid Soap

8. 10 Green & Thrifty Cleaning Products: Ten items, used ten different ways, to make ten environmentally friendly and cheap cleaning products. I don’t think I will buying 409 again any time soon.

Ten Pins - Green & Thrifty Cleaning Products

9. Laundry Room Pegboard: I just rearranged my laundry room and I wish I had thought of this! I could definitely use a pegboard like this to arrange all my random stuff in there.

Ten Pins - Laundry Room Pegboard

10. Giant Vinyl Chalkboard Calendar: We are finishing up our new sanctuary and we have a huge new youth room. One of the walls will be a HUGE chalkboard wall and I can’t wait to put a calendar on there to keep up with all the youth events!

Ten Pins - Huge Vinyl Calendar


  1. so so cute!! that chalkboard calendar is PURE genius! i cannot wait to chalk a wall in our house someday!

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